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Re-sealing of Pattern Imprinted Concrete


Paverprint offers a full and professional cleaning and resealing service. Your pattern imprinted driveway, path or patio can be restored to its original pristine condition. In addition, the application of non-Resealing pattern imprinted concreteslip additives within the sealant ensures that your concrete is safe and fully protected from the elements.

One of the key advantages of patterned imprinted concrete as that it can be cleaned and resealed time and time again, reviving the original finished product. It should be made clear that the sealant applied to the concrete is an integral part of the pattern imprinting process. An unsealed driveway or patio will very quickly show signs of wear and tear from vehicle usage and effects of the weather. Sealant manufacturers recommend that pattern imprinted concrete is resealed every three to five years. Regular maintenance and restoration of your driveway or patio can add several years onto the anticipated life span of the concrete, at the same time as providing an aesthetically pleasing makeover.

Wear and Tear of Imprinted Concrete Paving

  • Erosion of the sealant from elemental forces;
  • Surface wear and erosion from vehicles and pedestrians;
  • Combined accrual of oils, dirt, weeds and algae.

Benefits of Maintenance and Resealing:

  • Increased lifespan and visual appeal of the paving;
  • Maximum protection of the paving surface;
  • Follows manufacturer's recommendations of re-sealing every 3 to 5 years;
  • Alleviates the need for costly reinstatement.

Key Factors:

  • Inexpensive maintenance;
  • The sealant coat is an integral part of the structural make up of pattern imprinted concrete and is essential to maintain the anticipated lifespan of the paving;
  • Sealant manufacturers recommend that pattern imprinted concrete should be re-sealed every 3 - 5 years to help driveways survive their intended lifespan;
  • Unsealed areas are vulnerable to deterioration and can deteriorate beyond repair.

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