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Frequently Asked Questions


How long does the sealant last?

3-8 years depending on wear and tear. It is not essential that the product is re-sealed, however it can become dull after a period of time. A new coat of sealant restores the product to its former glory.

Why are crack control joints required?

Crack control joints are cut in at regular intervals as recommended by British Standards. They are cut to a depth of 25% of the slab. The object of this is that in the event of a crack occurring, it will follow the direction of the weakened points so that the crack doesn't become visible. The crack control joint itself is filled with mastic.

Can the product be installed at any time of year?

Yes. It is a slightly longer process in the winter and will generally take 5 days. Poor weather conditions to do not generally affect the installation, however adverse weather conditions may delay the installation.

Does the concrete crack or fade?

The risk of cracking can never be completely ruled out. However, this risk is reduced to a minimum by high installation specifications. In our experience, if a crack does eventually develop it will generally remain barely visible. The colours do not fade - if the appearance of fading does occur, this can be revived by resealing.

If I don't like the colour of my new driveway, can I have my money back?

Unfortunately, No. However, every effort will be made to ensure that this will not be the case. We have a wide range of colour samples and photographs as well as expert advice and experience. You will have an accurate perception of the colour and printed pattern prior to the installation.

How deep do you excavate prior to laying the concrete?

Initially, 100mm for the poured concrete. Additionally, as far as is needed in the given conditions, but generally the average depth is 200mm.

Is the installation messy?

During the day of concrete pouring, the surrounding area can be dusty, particularly if it is windy. However, during the washing off process, all traces of release powder are cleaned away with a pressure washer to leave the area in a clean and pristine condition.

How many colours and patterns are available?

There are 20 main colours and 20 main pattern designs available. If you require a design and pattern which is not routinely available, we are usually able to accommodate your requirements. Furthermore, it is possible to mix and match different colours and patterns on one installation.

How do I deal with accidental spillages?

For most spillages including oil, washing up liquid will suffice. The sooner the stain is dealt with the better. For paint or cement stains we are able to supply appropriate removal substances.

Are there any do's and don'ts?

Don't apply salt directly to the surface.